God of Noodles changes title, courts Jo Jae-hyun, Han Ye-ri


Well I could’ve told you that God of Noodles is a silly title for a serious revenge drama. When I hear the name, I just keep picturing shouty Lee Seon-kyun in Pasta. The new KBS Wednesday-Thursday series now has a spiffy new title befitting its revengey tone — Time of the Beast — and is still courting Lee Je-hoon (Signal) to headline. There are no confirmations yet, but we have two more potential cast members in Jo Jae-hyun (Punch) and Han Ye-ri (Six Flying Dragons).

The new drama is based on a manhwa series by Park In-kwon, of Daemul, Yawang, and War of Money fame. It’s an underdog story of a man who becomes a master of making noodles in order to get revenge. I don’t know how becoming a noodle god is the way to best your enemy, but I’m sure there’s a logical reason in there somewhere.

Lee Je-hoon is up for the role of the hero, a young man who cultivates a keen sense of absolute taste while growing up with an amnesiac father who can’t walk and an herb-gathering mother who can’t speak. I’m sure some kind of tragedy befalls them, which will propel him into the world of noodle-making. There he’ll meet Jo Jae-hyun’s character, a noodle master himself with a deep knowledge of all things noodle. Is he gonna be Noodle Yoda?

It hasn’t been specified which role Han Ye-ri is up for, and meanwhile her Six Flying Dragons co-star Gong Seung-yeon is still considering “a leading role.” Yet another Dragons alum (the casting director must be a fan), Yoon Kyun-sang, was reported as having received an offer for Time of the Beast as well, but his reps quickly denied that he was considering it.

So far I like the direction of the casting — solid actors with onscreen charisma like Lee Je-hoon and Jo Jae-hyun, along with a rising film actress like Han Ye-ri. I can see it being a good balance if they all sign on, though right now nothing seems very firm.

Time of the Beast follows Descended From the Sun in April.

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